Western Alienation: The grift that keeps on giving.

To those of whom are not privy to the political machinations of Alberta, it may be perplexing to understand how and why right-wing parties formed governments for decades. For as long as I have been politically aware, the idea that Alberta has been victimized by the spendthrift whims of Eastern Canadian have-not provinces has been […]

The UCP are using a pandemic to justify destroying education.

The UCP chose to issue a press release and a few twitter posts to announce the layoffs of somewhere in the neighbourhood of 20,000 jobs today (a Saturday). At a time when the public sector may be one of the last reliable employers, Jason Kenney’s government chose to callously cut these jobs, leaving the federal […]

Is it too late for Alberta?

After the NDP lost the 2019 provincial election to the newly minted UCP party, hope for the viability of this province’s future seemed dim, but not necessarily catastrophic, after all, Jason Kenney did campaign on a promise to avoid cutting education and public health care (I didn’t believe him) and to “surgically” make cuts from […]

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